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Tina Karoli

Tina Karoli is a popular and well-appreciated Ukrainian singer, performer, writer, and producer. She has performed outside the Ukrainian-Russian language areas so there is an international audience as well, but most of her songs are in the local language instead of English or French. On the question of her last name, you will see both the Ukrainian version “Karoli” and the anglicized version “Karol”. I prefer and have used Karoli through the post here.

There is a video that – in essence – tells the story of her life, which has had a number of bad spots in it. The worst being that she lost two husbands to cancer at relatively early ages. I suspect that this is not such an unusual occurrence in the Ukraine due to the results of the Chernobyl disaster, but it doesn’t make it one bit more pleasant. Today, I expect that younger people in the Ukraine also are experiencing tragic losses due to the Russian conflict in the Eastern part of the country plus the Crimea. Tina also presented the Ukrainian entry to the 2006 Eurovision song contest. She was born in early 1985 in Russia, so she was 21 years old at that time, and almost 33 today. There is a video that basically tells the story of her life; it is called “Тина Кароль. Фильм “Сила любви и голоса”, or “The Power of Love and the Voices”, done in Ukrainian with English subtitles. https://youtu.be/WzKADta5G_M It covers her experiences and her pains and in spite of the title is more-or-less an autobiography.

I first ran across Tina in a copy of one of the Voice of the Ukraine sessions where she served as a judge. I got requests from that about Tina to find out who she was and how to contact her. She is quite attractive today as well as before and I could understand why the guys were interested. She has changed her look over the years, and now shows a sultry long-haired blond look with one eye covered by a wave of her hair. Her hair has been light blond and red in addition to the present brassy blond. Here is the blind audition of “Nicolas Cage” (not his real name) singing Wicked Games with Tina Karoli as one of the judges.

There is more to come . . . this is a Russian-language song that Tina made popular at home. It is called “Сдаться ты всегда успеешь” in Russian or “You’ll have to surrender” in English.

And finally, a visit with Tina Karoli at home, Екскурсія будинком Тіни Кароль, near Kiev.