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New Location, Same Ole Jamey!

Hi gang!

Yes this is still Jamey, but I managed to get a different (and BETTER) location. Welcome to JAMEYCRAIG-dot-COM!!!

But it took a little time to get the bugs out of things from the relocation, and there may still be some, so please bear (not “bare”! 😉 ) with me.

As an introduction, we are going to return to the weight control theme of the website, but also try to keep up the social items as well. Therefore, all the old things that you remember are still there. Nothing (in terms of content) is gone, everything is still there, but I will go through some of the older things to replace some missing videos and pix.

So, on that happy note, I will open things up and we can restart our excursion through whatever. You are encouraged to comment on any of the articles if you get the urge. It is not difficult, even I can do it!

Cheers, and welcome back!

Jamey :*

Just Another Day At The Office

Hi there,

SORRY! Vine screwed around with the video and it no longer functions! Not even on their site. I will leave it here, in case somebody fixes it.

I thought this was a scream, but you need to observe closely to see why!

A second attempt to embed it:

Like it? Then like it!


Venus Factor From Jamey

Wanna to make your cutoffs look sexy again? Well, there IS a way that you can do EXACTLY that. But it is only for women, so you guys just look at the pictures, okay?

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Watch the video to get some real-life experience, and then …


Get the Venus Factor from Jamey !

Do It Now, Before You Get Distracted and Forget 🙁


More Vicky Secrets

Hi there!

The Victoria’s Secrets show that we published earlier was SUCH a hit that we decided to do it again – but this time it is the Swim Suit Special for THIS YEAR 2015! That means NEW! There is only one problem – the people wanted to give lots of background info and all that kind of garbage, and as a result, it is also L O N G !! More than 3/4 of an hour long! Ah well, it’s worth it, right? YOU tell ME, OKAY? [ Note: that video was taken down for some reason, so here is the Swim Suit Special from 2016 – it is fabulous! – Jamey]

Wow!! I just took the time to watch the whole video through from start to finish AGAIN. It is truly IMPRESSIVE! 😉 Makes me wish I had done that kind of thing when I was younger. Naaah, I’m not THAT old! Well…. Anyway, take a look and enjoy it. I have to say, VS and CBS did a good job on this! Take a watch, enjoy, and tell me what you think!

What’s that? You are worried ’cause you don’t look skinny like these girls do? Well, don’t forget, they are on the move from 5 or 6 in the morning until after most people have eaten dinner. That is a lot of coming and going, and that is one reason that they are so slender. They also can afford to eat correctly, and that helps a lot, too. If you are worried about the coming bikini season, try this out (see insert <== ) to get down to photograph weight! Til later - hey, send me some "before and after" shots? Thanks! Jamey

Weight Loss: Now Seriously Folks…

I know, I know, weight loss is no laughing matter. Or is it? Maybe a frivolous approach will help you get there better than a serious one. Here are a few fractured quotes about weight loss:

  • My mama’s diet menu consisted of two choices: “take it” or “leave” !
  • A bagel is a donut with the sin removed. (G. Rosenbaum)
  • Pulling in your stomach when you get on the scales is called “wishful thinking”!
  • Jackie Gleason said: “The 2nd day of your diet is always easier than the 1st day. By then, you’re off it!”
  • I keep trying to lose weight, but it keeps finding me!

The above all come originally (more or less) from the following video – take a look and see if you recognise anybody – like maybe yourself?

Folks, lets face the truth – Weight Loss For Idiots will get you what you are looking for with no pain and very little strain (on your pocketbook – you only pay one time!).

And tell them Jamey sent you!

Do You REALLY Want To Do This?

Hi again,

This is a nice video as long as you are just watching – but do you really want to do this? It is nice to watch as long as that is somebody else doing all that! I like to stay in shape, but let’s face it – this is torture! Oh – BTW, the language is Korean and I wanted the video to start at 12:00 but it doesn’t seem to want to. I wonder if there is Weight Loss For Idiots for the brain?

And if you think that the exercises are only rough on us gals, take a look at this! Auuwwwww!!! Guys, Weight Loss For Idiots works for you, too. Don’t put yourself through these killer exercises! Oh, FYI, the language here is PAIN!! 😀

Can you imagine me looking like THIS?


Remember, do you really want to do this? I don’t and I don’t think you do either! Get Weight Loss For Idiots instead, and tell them Jamey sent you!

Think PINK

Exactly what does that mean, “Think Pink”?

     Oohhhh!!! You NAUGHTY boys!    😉

“Think Pink” was the theme for a Victoria’s Secret runway show in 2011, headlined by Nicki Minaj of “Anaconda” fame.

Like what you see? Write a comment and ask for more – of what YOU like!

Bye the way – just for the record, after a performance like this, the main “players” and dancers will lose about 4 to 8 pounds (1.5-3.5 kg) of weight, roughly 1/2 water, the rest burning up calories! – Now there’s a thought! Do 30 minutes of strong dancing every night, and imagine the shape you could be in!

But if you don’t have the opportunity (or you are just too lazy), let Weight Loss For Idiots give you a chance to get yourself into good shape.

Tell them Jamey sent you?