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More Astounding Music

Hi again,

Some friends were looking at the last post Astounding Music and they recommended two more performers to be added to the selection. One is a young man from Kazachstan who has an amazing voice, and the other is a little piece of fluff who turns into a bombshell on “Americas Got Talent”.

Dimash Kudaibergenov

First, the man from Kazachstan, Dimash Kudaibergenov (or Димаш Кудайбергенов if your prefer), performing “Adagio” this year in Belarus, and then Opera No.2 in China, also this year. The second piece really lets him loosen up his voice!


“Opera 2”

Alicia Hale

Alicia is 9 years old, and this is about half-way through the 2017 “Americas Got Talent” competition. She is a cutie without a doubt, but don’t let the initial impression fool you!

Girl on Fire

What did I tell you? WoW!!