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Here’s A Surprise :D

There is not much I can say about this, except that it has never happened to me! (Thank goodness! I would never date another girl, but that would be a strange twist!)

Hope you enjoyed this, it is probably the best thing that has come out of X Factor that I know of.

Venus Factor From Jamey

Wanna to make your cutoffs look sexy again? Well, there IS a way that you can do EXACTLY that. But it is only for women, so you guys just look at the pictures, okay?

[utm id=265]

Watch the video to get some real-life experience, and then …


Get the Venus Factor from Jamey !

Do It Now, Before You Get Distracted and Forget 🙁


Venus Factor – New News About Weight Loss

Hi there, it’s me again!

I have been (very gently) pushing the Venus Factor weight loss program for some time – originally as the alternative to Weight Loss For Idiots (today it is officially “Fat Loss 4 Idiots”, but I kept the old name). But it appears that I have a good nose for weight loss programs! In the beginning, WLFI was THE leading product for online sales in the weight control arena. But there were some folks who had something against that particular program. That is not a new phenomenon, it happens to almost all of them. So I offered a second choice – the Venus Factor. That was something of a risky step, since the whole emphasis of this website had been “Weight Loss For Idiots” – just like the name says!

Well, guess what? The tables have turned! Fat Loss 4 Idiots has lost favour with many clients after all these years (and lots and lots of sales, I might add), and today, the Venus Factor is at the top of the heap! What am I using as a measuring stick? It is a commercial operation – one of the largest if not the largest – that sells products online through an affiliate operation, and it is called Clickbank. I will not go into details about that – it can get to be laywer-talk if we are not careful – but an affiliate (like me) can sell a product for someone else through an arrangement with Clickbank and receive a commission for each sale that actually happens. In any case, they have a measuring calculation they call “gravity” and that is what I am using as my measuring stick. At the moment, Venus Factor is at the top of the heap, measured by gravity.

Anyway, here is some advertising for the Venus Factor.


I think it is pretty nice, as advertising goes. What do you think?

Another question: what do you think about me “exposing” my business methodology? Should I do this, or not? Talk to me, people! Tx 🙂


Front Page News
Weight Loss For Idiots

You know the name – Weight Loss For Idiots is one of the most successful weight loss programs ever! Believe in these two programs – either will work for you.

The first one is Weight Loss For Idiots, and it works for everybody, even skeptics. You just have to stay on the program for a little while and pay just one time to see results, not every week or every month. To find out more about Weight Loss For Idiots – click here.

You don’t like that one? Then try this one, the Venus Factor – for ladies only – click here.


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