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With All The Misery Of “Harvey” . . .

This past weekend has been a terrible one for southeast Texas. My guess is that hundreds of thousands of people from East Texas to Corpus Christi lost their homes complete with all the contents and vehicles. Possibly they lost their property to the winds of the category 4 hurricane Harvey, or maybe to the floods that came afterwards from rains that were described as unprecedented by the US National Weather Service. “This event is unprecedented and all impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced,” the National Weather Service said on Twitter. Further, “the breadth and intensity of this rainfall is beyond anything experienced before.” There has been (so far – it is not finished yet!) as much as 4-1/2 feet (1.4 meters) of rain in some areas from Harvey. This rainfall has produced monumental flooding between southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas down to at least halfway back to Corpus Christi (that is a 250 miles or 400 km stretch) – the flooding is equivalent to more than a 1000-year flood plain. According to the Houston Police Department, the only functional transportation in most of metro Houston (2-3 million people) today (day 3) is still by boat. We have relatives and friends in the Houston and Corpus Christi areas, and I hope they all remain safe until things get back to normal (and thereafter too!). See photographs at https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/28/the-stunning-images-from-record-setting-flooding-in-houston-texas.html

With all the misery that goes along with this flooding and storm damage, there is still a little comedy in the circumstances – see this video from inside someone’s living room.

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