“How to…” Naah, You Won’t Believe This!

Guys, go full screen here!!  You need to watch closely . . .

Read the title and tell me this is for real?


Well, can you believe faceb**k allows that on their site?

Anyway Guys, always be careful. 😉

That was kinda for the guys and kinda for the gals, right? Well, guys, you can go back to daydreaming now, this one is truely for the ladies!

Who Is Yeva Shiyanova?

As someone wrote on Faceb**k, this young lady “takes sexuality to a new level”, and she doesn’t even take her clothes off! A very impressive performance!

What else can I say, except that I wish I could do the same even half-way as well as Yeva does, and she does it in heels!

A little bit of background – Yeva is a professional dancer and has won the equivalent of the Romania Has Talent and took second place in the Ukrainian pole dancing competition. She presently (as far as my information is up-to-date) lives on the Maldive Islands. She is available for lessons, tips, etc. at [email protected].

P.S. I did a little investigation on the Internet after I wrote this, and discovered that there is a complete genre of dancers performing similar dances – if you are interested, I suggest you search for “strip plastic” with your favorite search machine.

P.P.S. The main video here was taken from a Georgian TV station. That explains the subtitles.

P.P.P.S. If you watch the video in full screen mode, you may get the sound from the next video along with the music for Yeva. It will disappear if you switch back to the normal screen size. On the other hand, you may want to watch Yeva full-screen and not worry about the sound track!

Just Another Day At The Office

Hi there,

SORRY! Vine screwed around with the video and it no longer functions! Not even on their site. I will leave it here, in case somebody fixes it.

I thought this was a scream, but you need to observe closely to see why!

A second attempt to embed it:

Like it? Then like it!


Destiny WAS Her Name

No April Fools joke, yes, her first name WAS Destiny. According to Internet reports Miley Cyrus was “born in Franklin, Tennessee to country star Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Leticia… When she was a baby, her father nicknamed the little girl Smiley, which was shortened to Miley, and the name stuck… She legally changed her name from Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Ray Cyrus in 2008.” 1

Hmmm, all of that, just to introduce this little saying? Oh well, here goes anyway:

Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
Watch your words; they become your actions.
Watch your actions; they become your habits.
Watch your habits; they become your character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

The stinger for this?

“Watch your Destiny; she becomes your Miley Ray!”


Miley Cyrus from www.tribute.ca

1 – http://www.tribute.ca/people/miley-cyrus/19985/ – Miley Cyrus Biography



Venus Factor From Jamey

Wanna to make your cutoffs look sexy again? Well, there IS a way that you can do EXACTLY that. But it is only for women, so you guys just look at the pictures, okay?

[utm id=265]

Watch the video to get some real-life experience, and then …


Get the Venus Factor from Jamey !

Do It Now, Before You Get Distracted and Forget 🙁


Sometimes …

Yes, sometimes you absolutely, positively, gotta have your very own rainbow unicorn butterflywings kitycat named Clyde, so here you go!


… and yes, I know his wings are upside-down and on the wrong end, but he is really cute when he is flying around upside down and backwards with his horn dragging in the stardust! And that kinda makes up for his missing back leg and tail, poor little guy!

More Vicky Secrets

Hi there!

The Victoria’s Secrets show that we published earlier was SUCH a hit that we decided to do it again – but this time it is the Swim Suit Special for THIS YEAR 2015! That means NEW! There is only one problem – the people wanted to give lots of background info and all that kind of garbage, and as a result, it is also L O N G !! More than 3/4 of an hour long! Ah well, it’s worth it, right? YOU tell ME, OKAY? [ Note: that video was taken down for some reason, so here is the Swim Suit Special from 2016 – it is fabulous! – Jamey]

Wow!! I just took the time to watch the whole video through from start to finish AGAIN. It is truly IMPRESSIVE! 😉 Makes me wish I had done that kind of thing when I was younger. Naaah, I’m not THAT old! Well…. Anyway, take a look and enjoy it. I have to say, VS and CBS did a good job on this! Take a watch, enjoy, and tell me what you think!

What’s that? You are worried ’cause you don’t look skinny like these girls do? Well, don’t forget, they are on the move from 5 or 6 in the morning until after most people have eaten dinner. That is a lot of coming and going, and that is one reason that they are so slender. They also can afford to eat correctly, and that helps a lot, too. If you are worried about the coming bikini season, try this out (see insert <== ) to get down to photograph weight! Til later - hey, send me some "before and after" shots? Thanks! Jamey

Some More Nice Music, Just For You!

I found these two music videos earlier in the week, and I wanted to remember to send them out there to all you nice people as some more nice music, just for you …
the first one is from my old friend Carlos Santana – he is mellowing out with age! 😀

It’s a cool video, too!

The second is an oldie but goodie from the modern jazziste, Diana Krall

She is great! Doing da jazz with a woman’s inspiration.

If you find some more nice music, just for you and me, please let me know or, better yet, send it to me!!


Venus Factor – New News About Weight Loss

Hi there, it’s me again!

I have been (very gently) pushing the Venus Factor weight loss program for some time – originally as the alternative to Weight Loss For Idiots (today it is officially “Fat Loss 4 Idiots”, but I kept the old name). But it appears that I have a good nose for weight loss programs! In the beginning, WLFI was THE leading product for online sales in the weight control arena. But there were some folks who had something against that particular program. That is not a new phenomenon, it happens to almost all of them. So I offered a second choice – the Venus Factor. That was something of a risky step, since the whole emphasis of this website had been “Weight Loss For Idiots” – just like the name says!

Well, guess what? The tables have turned! Fat Loss 4 Idiots has lost favour with many clients after all these years (and lots and lots of sales, I might add), and today, the Venus Factor is at the top of the heap! What am I using as a measuring stick? It is a commercial operation – one of the largest if not the largest – that sells products online through an affiliate operation, and it is called Clickbank. I will not go into details about that – it can get to be laywer-talk if we are not careful – but an affiliate (like me) can sell a product for someone else through an arrangement with Clickbank and receive a commission for each sale that actually happens. In any case, they have a measuring calculation they call “gravity” and that is what I am using as my measuring stick. At the moment, Venus Factor is at the top of the heap, measured by gravity.

Anyway, here is some advertising for the Venus Factor.


I think it is pretty nice, as advertising goes. What do you think?

Another question: what do you think about me “exposing” my business methodology? Should I do this, or not? Talk to me, people! Tx 🙂