New Location, Same Ole Jamey!

Hi gang!

Yes this is still Jamey, but I managed to get a different (and BETTER) location. Welcome to JAMEYCRAIG-dot-COM!!!

But it took a little time to get the bugs out of things from the relocation, and there may still be some, so please bear (not “bare”! 😉 ) with me.

As an introduction, we are going to return to the weight control theme of the website, but also try to keep up the social items as well. Therefore, all the old things that you remember are still there. Nothing (in terms of content) is gone, everything is still there, but I will go through some of the older things to replace some missing videos and pix.

So, on that happy note, I will open things up and we can restart our excursion through whatever. You are encouraged to comment on any of the articles if you get the urge. It is not difficult, even I can do it!

Cheers, and welcome back!

Jamey :*

2 thoughts on “New Location, Same Ole Jamey!

  1. Hi!

    I thought I would just write a comment to show you how easy it really is! All you have to do is to move down below where it says “Leave a Reply”, write what you want to say, and add your name and email. If you have a website, you can list that there also.

    Please don’t do any advertising involving links, we will delete the links and maybe your comment as well.

    Then do the math captcha to prove that you are NOT a robot and click the “Post Comment” button (get help from your kid or the kid next door if you can’t do the math!). Check either of the boxes underneath if you want some feedback and that’s it.


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