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Happy Holiday Season!

It’s a little bit late, but in spite of that, I want to wish everybody a happy holiday season. We have had a few hard storms here in central Switzerland the past few weeks – the last one last night (and a little bit of this morning also). This one is a low pressure storm with the name “Burglinda”, and to give you an idea of what was going on, the main north-south autoroute (between Zurich/Basel and Bern) was completely closed down in one section close to us because tractor-trailer trucks were being blown over by the high winds.

In various places there was a lot of snow or rain (we got about 8 cm = 3 in of snow and then heavy rain on top of it with above-freezing temperatures and about 35-40 kph (that’s about 25 mph) winds inside the village – the winds were about 80-100 kph (50-60 mph) outside the built-up areas. The strongest wind was at the top of Mt Pilatus (about 35 km = 23 miles south of us) where it was measured at 195 kph (about 120 mph) – a new record.

Anyway, I hope your season was great! 😀



Tina Karoli

Tina Karoli is a popular and well-appreciated Ukrainian singer, performer, writer, and producer. She has performed outside the Ukrainian-Russian language areas so there is an international audience as well, but most of her songs are in the local language instead of English or French. On the question of her last name, you will see both the Ukrainian version “Karoli” and the anglicized version “Karol”. I prefer and have used Karoli through the post here.

There is a video that – in essence – tells the story of her life, which has had a number of bad spots in it. The worst being that she lost two husbands to cancer at relatively early ages. I suspect that this is not such an unusual occurrence in the Ukraine due to the results of the Chernobyl disaster, but it doesn’t make it one bit more pleasant. Today, I expect that younger people in the Ukraine also are experiencing tragic losses due to the Russian conflict in the Eastern part of the country plus the Crimea. Tina also presented the Ukrainian entry to the 2006 Eurovision song contest. She was born in early 1985 in Russia, so she was 21 years old at that time, and almost 33 today. There is a video that basically tells the story of her life; it is called “Тина Кароль. Фильм “Сила любви и голоса”, or “The Power of Love and the Voices”, done in Ukrainian with English subtitles. It covers her experiences and her pains and in spite of the title is more-or-less an autobiography.

I first ran across Tina in a copy of one of the Voice of the Ukraine sessions where she served as a judge. I got requests from that about Tina to find out who she was and how to contact her. She is quite attractive today as well as before and I could understand why the guys were interested. She has changed her look over the years, and now shows a sultry long-haired blond look with one eye covered by a wave of her hair. Her hair has been light blond and red in addition to the present brassy blond. Here is the blind audition of “Nicolas Cage” (not his real name) singing Wicked Games with Tina Karoli as one of the judges.

There is more to come . . . this is a Russian-language song that Tina made popular at home. It is called “Сдаться ты всегда успеешь” in Russian or “You’ll have to surrender” in English.

And finally, a visit with Tina Karoli at home, Екскурсія будинком Тіни Кароль, near Kiev.

With All The Misery Of “Harvey” . . .

This past weekend has been a terrible one for southeast Texas. My guess is that hundreds of thousands of people from East Texas to Corpus Christi lost their homes complete with all the contents and vehicles. Possibly they lost their property to the winds of the category 4 hurricane Harvey, or maybe to the floods that came afterwards from rains that were described as unprecedented by the US National Weather Service. “This event is unprecedented and all impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced,” the National Weather Service said on Twitter. Further, “the breadth and intensity of this rainfall is beyond anything experienced before.” There has been (so far – it is not finished yet!) as much as 4-1/2 feet (1.4 meters) of rain in some areas from Harvey. This rainfall has produced monumental flooding between southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas down to at least halfway back to Corpus Christi (that is a 250 miles or 400 km stretch) – the flooding is equivalent to more than a 1000-year flood plain. According to the Houston Police Department, the only functional transportation in most of metro Houston (2-3 million people) today (day 3) is still by boat. We have relatives and friends in the Houston and Corpus Christi areas, and I hope they all remain safe until things get back to normal (and thereafter too!). See photographs at

With all the misery that goes along with this flooding and storm damage, there is still a little comedy in the circumstances – see this video from inside someone’s living room.

[note: the videos that follow this one are NOT approved by our website!]

More Astounding Music

Hi again,

Some friends were looking at the last post Astounding Music and they recommended two more performers to be added to the selection. One is a young man from Kazachstan who has an amazing voice, and the other is a little piece of fluff who turns into a bombshell on “Americas Got Talent”.

Dimash Kudaibergenov

First, the man from Kazachstan, Dimash Kudaibergenov (or Димаш Кудайбергенов if your prefer), performing “Adagio” this year in Belarus, and then Opera No.2 in China, also this year. The second piece really lets him loosen up his voice!


“Opera 2”

Alicia Hale

Alicia is 9 years old, and this is about half-way through the 2017 “Americas Got Talent” competition. She is a cutie without a doubt, but don’t let the initial impression fool you!

Girl on Fire

What did I tell you? WoW!!

Astounding Music

Hello there!

It has been a while since I wrote anything, but I figured you were on vacation all summer anyway. 😉 And if you were not away at the beach, you were maybe busy outside with the mosquitos making barbeque? No? Hmmmm . . . my bad, I guess.

During the last month or so, I have spent some time going through all the music clips from the contest sites, like “The Voice of XYZ” and “X Factor XYZ” and “XYZ’s Got Talent” and a few others here and there that I cannot remember. The Internet people are fond of not just putting the current music on line, but also going back as much as 6 or 8 years to pull out some “oldies but goodies”.

I took the best of the best (otherwise known as “my choice”) and made a small collection to go on this post. “Small collection” in this case means only 4 or 5, and I put them down below. The list is organised by level of energy, starting with low energy (which does NOT mean low interest!) and ending with about as much energy as anybody can stand.

Here comes the first offering. Willie Jones’ music has a little more energy than some of the following songs, but it is cute and I like it a lot. For you non-country music types, it is also a country and western standard. You will find out some more about Willie in the lead-in to the music, called “Your Man”.

You like that? I think he is really cute in addition to having a great voice. This was on the USA “X Factor” in 2012.

Number two is from Russia, although he uses the name Nicolas Cage. I wonder if he is really related to Nicolas Cage, the son of Francis Ford Coppola. One Russian entry in YouTube said his name is Andrey Pantyukh. Can anybody confirm? The song title is “Wicked Game” and you might recognise it.

And for you guys who are interested in the “hot little blonde”, her name is Tina Karol, and she is a professional Ukrainian singer and she was a judge on the “Voice of Russia”. Her website is (already had someone ask, and he wanted her phone number also).

Number three is from the UK and her name is Alice Fredenham. About 6 or 8 months (I think) before she entered the “UK Has Talent” contest, she tried out at “The Voice of UK.” She did not get one vote there! I think they must have been looking for somebody else. Be ready for this, it is amazing!

What did I tell you? She went on to win the “UK Has Talent” for the year 2013. That girl is sexy like it doesn’t get any more!

Number four is a young Spanish lady named Christina Ramos who enjoys opera and sings it excellently. See for yourself on this 2016 “Spain Has Talent” contest.

Maybe you could call her a switch hitter? 🙂

Number five (and the last one at least for now) is a group of young ladies, all sisters, who call themselves “4th Power”, from the Philippines. They have been singing together as a group since 2001, which maybe accounts for the professional appearance and choreography. But that does not account for the energy! Look out!!

What did I tell you about energy? Whoooeee!! This was in the 2015 UK “X Factor”. They did not win the “X Factor”, and I think that was because they have problems slowing down for “conventional” music.

Well, that’s what I have for now. I would enjoy your comments – don’t be bashful!


New Location, Same Ole Jamey!

Hi gang!

Yes this is still Jamey, but I managed to get a different (and BETTER) location. Welcome to JAMEYCRAIG-dot-COM!!!

But it took a little time to get the bugs out of things from the relocation, and there may still be some, so please bear (not “bare”! 😉 ) with me.

As an introduction, we are going to return to the weight control theme of the website, but also try to keep up the social items as well. Therefore, all the old things that you remember are still there. Nothing (in terms of content) is gone, everything is still there, but I will go through some of the older things to replace some missing videos and pix.

So, on that happy note, I will open things up and we can restart our excursion through whatever. You are encouraged to comment on any of the articles if you get the urge. It is not difficult, even I can do it!

Cheers, and welcome back!

Jamey :*

Amazing Vision

I look at the talent shows “sometimes”. Many of the acts are mediocre and some are even painful to watch. But every once in a while, there is something special, and what I have embedded below is DEFINITELY in that category. As one of the producers says in his introduction, this is the only version of this you will see on AGT (or whichever program it was). They even use one of the judges, Heidi Klum, as part of their production.

I hope you enjoy this!

And You Thought Tucows Was a Domain Licensor

Well, to be honest, it is! Tucows Inc. is a large Canadian domain name marketer, and I have a few domains that are based in Tucows. However . . .

What follows has (I think) absolutely nothing to do with Tucows Inc. I must admit I had no idea you could do so much with two cows, but anyway, read it and enjoy! 😉

First, to set the stage, we have some genuine Swiss cows from Canton Zug.


Now, we have how two cows might be considered in other countries and even other parts of Switzerland …



And we didn’t even talk about Red Bulls!

Here’s A Surprise :D

There is not much I can say about this, except that it has never happened to me! (Thank goodness! I would never date another girl, but that would be a strange twist!)

Hope you enjoyed this, it is probably the best thing that has come out of X Factor that I know of.

“How to…” Naah, You Won’t Believe This!

Guys, go full screen here!!  You need to watch closely . . .

Read the title and tell me this is for real?


Well, can you believe faceb**k allows that on their site?

Anyway Guys, always be careful. 😉

That was kinda for the guys and kinda for the gals, right? Well, guys, you can go back to daydreaming now, this one is truely for the ladies!