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Hello there!

It has been a while since I wrote anything, but I figured you were on vacation all summer anyway. 😉 And if you were not away at the beach, you were maybe busy outside with the mosquitos making barbeque? No? Hmmmm . . . my bad, I guess.

During the last month or so, I have spent some time going through all the music clips from the contest sites, like “The Voice of XYZ” and “X Factor XYZ” and “XYZ’s Got Talent” and a few others here and there that I cannot remember. The Internet people are fond of not just putting the current music on line, but also going back as much as 6 or 8 years to pull out some “oldies but goodies”.

I took the best of the best (otherwise known as “my choice”) and made a small collection to go on this post. “Small collection” in this case means only 4 or 5, and I put them down below. The list is organised by level of energy, starting with low energy (which does NOT mean low interest!) and ending with about as much energy as anybody can stand.

Here comes the first offering. Willie Jones’ music has a little more energy than some of the following songs, but it is cute and I like it a lot. For you non-country music types, it is also a country and western standard. You will find out some more about Willie in the lead-in to the music, called “Your Man”.

You like that? I think he is really cute in addition to having a great voice. This was on the USA “X Factor” in 2012.

Number two is from Russia, although he uses the name Nicolas Cage. I wonder if he is really related to Nicolas Cage, the son of Francis Ford Coppola. One Russian entry in YouTube said his name is Andrey Pantyukh. Can anybody confirm? The song title is “Wicked Game” and you might recognise it.

And for you guys who are interested in the “hot little blonde”, her name is Tina Karol, and she is a professional Ukrainian singer and she was a judge on the “Voice of Russia”. Her website is (already had someone ask, and he wanted her phone number also).

Number three is from the UK and her name is Alice Fredenham. About 6 or 8 months (I think) before she entered the “UK Has Talent” contest, she tried out at “The Voice of UK.” She did not get one vote there! I think they must have been looking for somebody else. Be ready for this, it is amazing!

What did I tell you? She went on to win the “UK Has Talent” for the year 2013. That girl is sexy like it doesn’t get any more!

Number four is a young Spanish lady named Christina Ramos who enjoys opera and sings it excellently. See for yourself on this 2016 “Spain Has Talent” contest.

Maybe you could call her a switch hitter? 🙂

Number five (and the last one at least for now) is a group of young ladies, all sisters, who call themselves “4th Power”, from the Philippines. They have been singing together as a group since 2001, which maybe accounts for the professional appearance and choreography. But that does not account for the energy! Look out!!

What did I tell you about energy? Whoooeee!! This was in the 2015 UK “X Factor”. They did not win the “X Factor”, and I think that was because they have problems slowing down for “conventional” music.

Well, that’s what I have for now. I would enjoy your comments – don’t be bashful!

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